Mastering is the essential final step in getting your music ready for consumption! You’ve recorded and mixed, and now you are ready to maximize your hard work. Mastering takes an audio mix and blasts it into the stratosphere! You have no idea how good your mix can sound until you master it. Even LOUD mixes pale in comparison to exceptionally mastered songs.

Mastering also gets your music ready for distribution, whether it’s for online streaming/digital distribution via Soundcloud, Bandcamp, iTunes, Reverb Nation or others online or whether it’s for a physical CD. There are three pieces to the delicious pie of producing musical recordings: recording, mixing and mastering. If you don’t master, your recording is just two-thirds baked!


The Sound

The goal of this step is to fix mix balance issues and enhance specific sonic characteristics, taking a good mix (usually in the form of a stereo file) and making it a great master! This involves adjusting levels and “sweetening” the mix by tweaking the EQ, applying compression and limiting, as well as other sonic techniques.

It’s the difference between a good-sounding mix and a professional-sounding, finished master.


Unifying an Album

Mastering makes sure tracks work together when played sequentially. Sound is consistent and levels are matched. Mastering introduces character and cohesion, and tracks play back evenly so the listener doesn’t have to adjust the volume.

Just like any great album you’ve ever heard from beginning to end!


Music that is crisp, bright, clear and deep

There is a reason we are called Magic Ears! We make the highs sparkle, the high-mids crisp, the low-mids clear and the lows round and deep.

With exceptional monitoring equipment, we meticulously work through the entire frequency spectrum to make your mix pop!

Our testimonials are evidence that we do this better than any other online mastering studio.

We can handle all genres, but have a particular ability to make sub frequencies in EDM, Dubstep and bottom-heavy rap genres come through clean and heavy without being muddy.


Songs as loud as commercial tracks while maintaining dynamics and without distortion

Before mastering, your tracks may not be as loud as tracks by popular artists, but Magic Ears will give you that volume and clarity while still maintaining the dynamics of your music. We aren’t a “loudness” factory. We believe maintaining dynamics is critical to the quality of your recordings.


Consistency across all playback systems: your audio will play perfectly on everything from an iPhone to big club speakers

Have you spent time on a mix that sounded good on your monitors, but sounded bad on other sources? Lesser quality monitors can color your mix. Magic Ears uses several pairs of high quality, accurate monitors that will ensure that your song will sound good everywhere!


Optimize the dynamic space across all frequencies

Through a special blend of multi band compression and EQ (and a full range of other mastering tools) we ensure that the highs, mids, and lows exist in perfect relation to each other. Your track will sound bigger, brighter, fatter, louder, deeper and livelier!


Removal of hidden unnecessary frequencies that ruin the balance of your mix

We remove frequencies that the human ear cannot hear, but can ruin the balance of a final mix. We identify these through a variety of tools and remove them with surgical precision. This frees up  headroom and allows us to apply the proper mastering tools, resulting in louder, clearer and more dynamic sounding tracks!


Optimize stereo width and ensure that there are no phase problems

Your track will sound wide and full. We analyze your track to ensure that there are no frequencies that will cancel each other out. This is particularly important if you want your track to sound good in a club setting.


What You’ll Get

You will receive final masters in WAV format and in 24 bit quality, as well as 320mbps MP3, to ensure you get the highest quality master possible.

You get up to two (2) revised masters.

We will also give you master tailored to individual streaming services, as well as CD and vinyl.