Exceptional Mixing

Sometimes you want a an impartial set of ears to mix your songs. Sometimes you just want an expert. Magic Ears provides exceptional mixing services. We will mix from your individual audio tracks or stems.

These days, people often use these terms to mean the same thing (stems are basically combined sets of tracks from a particular instrumental grouping).

At Magic Ears, we will work with you to decide which option is best for your project and your wallet.


Stem Mastering/Mixing

With stem/track mixing, you give us more to work with than you would for mastering (a single audio file).

You take groups of tracks and export them in groups called “stems.” You then send those stems to us and we will mix and master your song.

If you don’t want to mix into stems, you can simply send us the raw recorded files and we will provide you with a high quality, professional mix/master.


Who Benefits From Magic Ears Mixing?

• Artists who mix their own music in an untreated room on substandard monitors or on headphones. If you are mixing in this kind of environment, it’s difficult to get an accurate mix, and it may cause you to “color” your mix, which can result in harsh, dull and lifeless results.

• Producers who don’t have much experience mixing, but need their tracks to be as loud and clear as other commercial tracks.

• Producers and engineers who mix their own projects but want fresh ears to tweak their mixes to get them sounding as exceptional as possible.


Additional Information

• Mixing is $375 for songs of five minutes or less. Price includes mastering!

• Stem Mixing is $175 for songs of five minutes or less. Price includes mastering!

• You get up to two (2) revised mixes.

• Turnaround time will depend on the number of songs and tracks. Magic Ears will work with you to make sure you meet your deadlines.

• Additional minutes are $20 each.

• Does not include vocal tuning or track editing.

• You will receive final masters in WAV format and in 24 bit quality, as well as 320mbps MP3, to ensure you get the highest quality master possible. For CD projects, we will format your track listing to your specifications.