Who is Adam Matza?

I’m the founder and owner of Magic Ears. You can think of me as your producer, your mixer, your mastering engineer, your collaborator and eventually your friend. I’ve been mixing and mastering music since 2003, but my involvement with music has been a lifelong love affair.


12167103_10153593402081390_903866917_nMy early training was as a trumpet and baritone player in middle school and I’ve created and fronted bands since the early 1990s.


Known as a poet, a music journalist, a spoken word artist and most recently an experimental, improvisational ambient soundscape and noise musician, I’ve never stopped recording, mixing and mastering since the first time I sat in front of a DAW (it was Cubase) with absolutely no clue what I was doing.


After making and learning from my mistakes, I know my way around a DAW now, as I have become effective with Pro Tools and other DAWs, including Auria on the iPad.
Since 1997, I’ve released seven albums as both a solo artist and with my ever-changing band, The Weeds.


I’m a voracious consumer of music; my music collection consists of nearly 65,000 songs (and counting). If I pushed play on the first song in my iTunes collection right now, it wouldn’t reach the final song for more than six months!

That musicality is the foundation for my mixing and mastering choices and is why I’m comfortable working with any genre and any style.


This doesn’t mean that I’ve heard everything, but it does mean that I absolutely crave hearing sounds I’ve never heard before. My musical production enthusiasm is infectious and I am happy to get involved with your music as much as you want.


I see mixing and mastering as a collaboration and a highly personal relationship, and I am a resource you can tap if you get stuck or just want to bounce an idea.
I look forward to hearing your music and working together to make it sound as good as it possibly can!


Welcome to the Magic Ears universe!


If you are interested in my experimental side, here are the links to my stuff…for some reason the Bandcamp link is not active here, so just copy and paste the address in your browser!