Preparing Your Tracks for Mixing

    • Do not send a DAW session file. WAV files only.


    • Please be sure to organize and clearly label your tracks/stems. Don’t send us a mess and expect us to figure it out. Make it simple, clean and logical.


    • Every track should be consolidated from zero until the end of the session. This is to ensure everything lines up correctly once it has been imported.


    • Please be certain that all mono tracks are sent as mono WAV files. Most files will be mono (guitar DIs, individual drum mics, vocal tracks, bass tracks). The only things that are usually stereo files are drum overheads\room mics, certain effects and synth tracks, and anything that was recorded with two mics.


    • Also, include a rough MP3 mixdown of the session as a reference, and feel free to include any songs from other bands that you want as a mix reference.


    • Please send all files in the same sample rate\bit depth in which they were recorded (usually 44.1kHz\24 bit or 48kHz\24 bit). Higher sample rates are okay. Just be consistent.


  • If the files are not sent in the way listed above, there will be additional charges.