“It was a pleasure working with this cat!. He was very patient through the whole process even when problems arose and needed to be taken care of on my end. His master gave my track just what it needed, without reinventing the wheel, he took an already great mix and brought it up 111% with his expert decision making! You can trust that this man will give you an end product you could have only dreamed of!”

Rodin C. SabatinoDeer Come HearHollywood, FL

Adam Matza absolutely slayed the mastering of the new Silent Strangers record.

Christopher LombardoFort Lauderdale

I had high expectations and you blew them out of the water. I’ve worked with other mastering companies in the past and was always disheartened by the results, but this is genuinely impressive. I’m extremely pleased.

Spencer SoldaOak Creek, Wisconsin

Long had I avoided getting my music professionally mastered. “It sounds fine,” I told myself. “Not worth it,” I thought.

But I was wrong. So, so wrong.

Adam Matza of Magic Ears Mastering brought things out in my recordings that were lost in distortion or buried within other frequencies.

Adam exhibits the highest standards of professionalism, understands what artists want and need and is extremely easy to work with.

I couldn’t be happier with the way my masters turned out, and I highly recommend him to other musicians.

Christopher James MoranFort Lauderdale

Very fantastic results! My new mastering app is Magic Ears Mastering!

Beat SpichtigNetherlands

I recently worked with Adam Matza at Magic Ears Mastering and had a wonderful experience.

He was very sensitive to my thoughts and wishes, responsive in a timely manner and ultimately got me the end result I was happy with. When a mastering engineer cares about the artist and the music, it makes a world of difference.

Adam has been involved with a lot of different genres as a performer and vocalist so he knows how it feels to be on the artist’s side.

Having that experience makes him an understanding and empathetic mastering engineer. I was so pleased with the results that I brought my next project to him as well. Highly recommend giving Magic Ears a try!

Thank you Adam for the great work and professional treatment.

Robbie Gennet (Lisa Marie Presley, Nick Lachey, Everclear, Wayne Kramer)Los Angeles, CA

Adam Matza mastered one of my songs and I love it. He is like a music chef, puts in just enough of each Ingredient, and it came out TASTY!

Lisa Putnam-ThayerMiami, FL

I’m really stoked with the work you’ve done…really dramatic improvement in the clarity and punch, especially of the low end. I have other finished songs that could absolutely benefit from your work.

Leigh GlanvillCurlewis Victoria, Australia

WOW! you’ve actually made me sound good! I shall sing your praises and fly the flag for your service amongst my muso acquaintances over the pond here in Scotland (UK).

TRiP (UK Singer/Songwriter)

Excellent job! I can’t even imagine it sounding better.

Paul S. SilvaSan Luis Obispo, CA

I could best describe your mix as “precise.” You’ve got an excellent ear. Over the last 40 years, I’ve taken seven bands into a recording studio and only one other engineer has managed to give me as good a guitar sound as you did. And you did it under the worst of circumstances: with a guitar recorded on a software modeling amp! Nice job with the bass, too. Great work!

Ethan CochranPortland, OR

I’m not gonna make a list of all the improvements he brought to the track; I will let you be the judge of that. But they are significant and efficient. To summarize, let’s say that he succeeded where I failed, especially where there was a lot of middle frequencies. He managed to suppress the resonances after the breaks, to keep the voice of Matthew McConaughey much clearer than I did, and lots of others subtle improvements that make this version a lot better. I encourage you to contact him for your own work.

Cyril ClémentParis

The best in the business.

Leo CasinoMiami, FL

Hey there! Now that is damn cool result. The word that first came to my mind was smooth — the piece sounds smoother! And you actually got the loud middle part exactly as what I was trying to achieve; a full, heavy-duty contrast to the more quiet bits. Well done, especially considering the headroom limitation!

Toz BourneAustin, TX

I don’t know how you pulled that off without being able to alter the mix itself. The hard part about mixing the piece was keeping the various parts from getting buried. But you’ve managed to bring each of them out and make them articulate and clear, despite my liberal use of distortion. You’ve enhanced the essence of the piece. Excellent work.

Ray WahlAustin, TX

I finally got a listen to the mastered recording you did for me. My first thought, when the intro started, was “smooth.” My emotional response as the track progressed could best be described as joy. I hear both a fullness and presence in the track that was lacking before. I didn’t know that was lacking as I sent you the best sounding track of anything I have done. I released an album last year just to friends and family, but if all my tracks sounded this good I’d be trying to get more people to listen to it. Thank you so much. I love it!

Ben FordSeattle, WA

The song was mastered by Adam Matza of Magic Ears Mastering who is a miracle worker. I purposely recorded this as lo-fi as I could because I was going for an aesthetic I was calling “Lame-Fi” at the time. Later I regretted it because I liked the album so much, but it was so crappily recorded. However, Adam took the track and gave it a sheen and dynamics I never would have imagined it could ever have unless I recorded it over. Now I’m going to release the album as far and wide as a nobody like me can, and it’s mostly thanks not only to Adam’s wizardry, but his endless advice offered to my endless questions.

Matthew SneePhoenix, AZ

Adam hears things in my music I don’t even hear. He truly has the Magic Ear!

Jimi SeidelAsheville

We took Adam up on his generous offer of any track mastered under five minutes for free. We sent him a bit of a dud song but he managed to make that sound cool, so we paid him to do “a proper track,” supplied him with the stems and that was so freeking awesome we are now listening to our complete full album, mixed and mastered by Adam and Magic Ears. Our vocals have never sounded so right. I mean I know she’s got a great voice, but the mix of her voice and my chaotic instrumentals is sublime. Sounding great on numerous systems. Gonna be a proud day when our Album hits the stores smile emoticon Thanks Adam! Great work!!

Emily NeedsNottingham UK